ALL IN THE DETAILS: Color Me in Classic Combos

Remember when there were certain colors that were always put together when you were growing up? I remember flipping through my American Girl magazine when I was little and there always being pink and green, or blue and orange color schemes. That’s not to say that these colors HAD to be put together, but they were easy combos that people could navigate. That’s how I feel about cheetah print and hot pink. Together, they really make a statement; the hot pink looks cute while the cheetah print gives you a stylish edge. Cheetah print is also a pattern that is always in style. Similar to colors, you can get cheetah print clothes, shoes, purses, backpacks, even notebooks if you really wanted to (that may seem borderline middle school, though).

With any outfit, accessorizing is important. It can take your outfit to the next level, and show that you put a little more thought and time into it. This Fashionista accessorized with sunglasses, a summer staple and really cool eyeshadow. She looks casually put together with her pink cardigan and cheetah print ballet flats. The sun kept peeking in and out this day, so she had her Ray-Ban sunglasses handy. Once taking them off, she revealed a metal gray eyeshadow. This would be a great look for back to school!

How To: Feeling this look? You can get it too! You just need a cardigan like this one (choose any color that fits your style), and pair it with a nice shirt and some jeans. Then, put on some ballet flats. They don’t even have to be cheetah print, but make sure they are a super fun pattern. Lastly, add eyeshadow and sunglasses.