ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coherent Color Schemes and Designs

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Coherent Color Schemes and Designs

The littlest details can completely elevate your outfit, especially when you bring in accessories that compliment your main clothing choices.

Consider this: your accessories are your greatest accessory in expressing your individuality.

This Fashionista’s bold color palette helps every other color in her outfit. The red brings out the beige which brings out the white which brings out the black. As in paintings, an outfit’s color scheme helps influence the overall emotions the individual wants to convey. Here, the colors celebrate the coming warmth of spring and invoke rejuvenated feelings. The black grounds the outfit as well, and adds to the aesthetic overall. The weather has been kind of weird lately, but it’s simple to quickly go from a spring outfit to winter with the right colors.

My favorite parts of this Fashionista’s look, however, are the EXO—a Korean boyband—baseball T-shirt and the creative tights. They show off her own interests and lifestyles without being gaudy or blatantly obvious. Instead, they are pops of interesting details that complement the rest of the outfit without distracting. The khaki jacket also helps tie the look together—again, the color scheme works harmoniously together. The little black bag and the simplistic choker top it off with a cute, but edgy tone. Sometimes, simplicity with a touch of layers and details can really change how we think and approach our wardrobe. A classic wardrobe is appealing, but there’s nothing wrong with having unique pieces to create a new look.

As Fashionistas, we should not be afraid to be undeniably ourselves, to be bold, and to express ourselves freely. Sometimes, that involves showing our undeniable love for a boyband, or wear clothing that’s clearly not on-trend in the US. But, it’s worth it if our looks create a more memorable impression on someone and become trends themselves.