Remember a time when thick framed Warby Parker glasses were all the rage? Well yeah, that trend is still going on, but somewhere between the thick frames adorned by hip college students and the wire frames your parents placed on you when you got your first prescription comes a new trend: clear framed glasses. These glasses can be seen multiplying rapidly throughout the country, especially in urban regions where hipster and yuppies make an apparent effort to exhibit their personalities in the form of lens frames.

In all seriousness though, this trend is a pretty rad edition to any outfit. Tack on a pair of endearingly strange, semi-new wave glasses to any outfit and you amp up the uniqueness quota several notches. This Fashionista was photographed in front of her home outside Tompkins Square Park, gallivanting through some autumnal thickets, reveling in the sunlight that, when cast on her clear glasses, painted geometrically shaped shadows across her face and illuminated the small septum ring that decorated her nose. It is, in fact, all in the details for her. The slightly Georgia O’Keeffe borderline Monte flower patterns on her collared shirt only add to the intricate detailing of her entire look. Matched with a pair of black jeans and subtly blood red Chelsea boots, you’ve got the complete look of an effortless downtowner. This Fashionista then made the bold choice of pairing this outfit with a leather jacket, giving slightly more edge to an otherwise casual ensemble.

How To: Familiarize yourself to a pair of eyewear, clear or not—you don’t even need a prescription (although I would advise keeping this a secret, as it seems to be the rampant passion of youngsters all around the country to bash non-prescription eyeglass wearers). To take up an edginess factor, purchase a septum piercings and you’ve got the look. Not ready for blood commitment in the form of needle through skin? Pick up some fake ones. Now, not only have you got some non-prescription glasses, but a non-permanent piercing as well. No worries, that’s all fashion trends are anyways—ephemeral.