ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classic Californians

It is no secret that California is a popular place—home to Hollywood, sandy beaches, beautiful people, perfect weather and awful traffic. Now, watching The O.C., Laguna Beach or whatever early 2000s TV show tickled your fancy most likely skewed your perception of California. Yes, people love In-N-Out and Banzai Bowls, but we love other things too.

While there definitely are your surfer types, skaters also appear on the boardwalks near the beaches. Just like any city in America, there are grooves in the concrete in several public areas forcing skaters everywhere to refrain from using the public seating as a skate park.

Since California is home to several skaters, it is obvious that they have a particular style and tend to stick to what they like. This guy is the perfect example of skate style in the summer. Vans are always a classic; really, any sneaker is perfect for a California boy but it is especially ideal for a skater dude. Sneakers are comfortable, easy to slip on and stylish. You can wear them to the skate park, and then easily transition them to the movie theater. California is generally pretty casual, so you can basically wear sneakers wherever in the Sunshine State! These kicks are the classic Vans—just black and white. What’s great about them is that they are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe and can really make an outfit personalized.

This dude added tan pants and a Vans shirt to hit the road. His squared sunglasses were perfect for a sunny day in SoCal and completed his outfit. Of course, no skater is without his board! He is ready to hit the road!

How To: What to be like this California guy? Throw on a pair of cool sneakers and some classic sunglasses, and everyone will be convinced you are a born and raised Californian.