ALL IN THE DETAILS: Clashing Prints and Patterns

One of my favorite elements to play with when putting an outfit together is mixing patterns. When done right, mixing and matching different bold patterns can take the attention of your outfit from one bold statement piece to a whole bold ensemble. Just as with any pattern mixing, clashing prints is a delicate balance. This is especially true when attempting to mix items that are both brightly colored and boldly patterned.

Cardigans and button-ups have always made a classic pair and have been in style for as long as I can remember. Most of the time the duo is worn with one element being plain and the other printed. This Fashionisto took this classic look and brought it to life through the pattern clashing between his cardigan and button-up top. The dark, neutral colors and aztec print in this Fashionisto’s cardigan pairs well with the neutral color present in his khaki pants. What makes this Fashionisto’s outfit pop are the colors in his long sleeve button-up that contrast against the colors present within his cardigan. The brightly patterned button-up pairs well with the neutral prints within the cardigan. Worn separately, both the cardigan and the button-up are perfectly matched with his khaki pants. However, all three items worn together is what makes this Fashionisto’s outfit exemplary of what fashion is all about. This Fashionisto tied his look together by throwing on a pair of dark, neutral-colored sneakers.

How To: Mixing clashing prints and patterns is easier than one may think. The key element is contrasting the prints and colors between the cardigan and the button-up shirt. If your button-up shirt is brightly colored, your cardigan should have neutral colors and vice-versa. The prints present within the cardigan and button-up should also vary to bring an even greater contrast to your ensemble. If you dare to take on this fashion trend, you and your outfit will be sure to draw the attention of any room you step into.