Mixed metals can be tricky to accessorize. Many people think you cannot mix metals in an outfit because you could look like you accessorized in the dark or that you even don’t know how to accessorize. Fortunately, we learned in last week’s article that if you are attentive in matching details of an outfit together, you can look successfully put together.

This Fashionista flawlessly paired swirled silver earrings with a gold metal ring (equally swirly.) She kept the circle theme going with her graphic bicycle tank top. By tucking her tank top into her cargo shorts, she showed off the gold grommets and buttons on the shorts. Using a mixture of different colored metals throughout her outfit, this Fashionista was able to keep her look interesting and classy. Even her toes were painted silver which upheld her mixed metal vibe. By choosing cargo shorts and a lightweight tank top (and choosing to go barefoot), she also made her look casual. Overall, this Fashionista used similar finishes on the metals and adhered to a swirly design in her jewelry, which made the varying metal shades appear purposeful and polished.

How To: A simple way to easily style mixed metals is to follow this Fashionista’s idea by taking a geometric pattern like squares, circles or triangles and simply choosing various colored metals for each piece of jewelry. Having your jewelry be in the same finish (like vintage or sleek) is helpful because it goes hand in hand with the consistency of the geometric shape you choose. If you are going for more of a bohemian vibe, you can mix and match more intricate rings and earrings with a vintage finish. Modern or baroque, keeping a common theme in your jewelry when mixing metals will help your outfit look put together at the end of the day.