As an active member of the vertically challenged community, I am constantly being towered over. In my junior year of high school, I was walking through the hallway when a big, athletic chest moved me out of the way. When I looked up to see who rudely ran into me, I found a confused football player looking around frantically. “I’m down here,” I murmured.

I’m not incredibly tiny— just five feet two inches. But it is a new dawn and a new day and everyone is much taller than me. It has to be the milk. However, I don’t drink nearly enough milk, and at 21-years-old, my growth spurts are long gone. Being that I will not cower in defeat, I look to shoes to grant me what genetics failed me.

At an entire five feet two inches (without shoes), this Fashionista’s chunky boots strike the perfect balance between height and comfort. The heel enhances what she was born with and gives the shorter girl anywhere from two to five inches. All the while, the platform is comfortable to walk to and from classes all day. The style of the shoe adds a great ‘90s grunge feel to this Fashionista’s dark Clueless-inspired outfit. This fashionista paired her boots with a cute, vintage wool skirt. The skirt adds a feminine silhouette, meanwhile keeping the outfit dark and grungy. Her mixture of textures and shades of black and gray add depth and edge to a casual outfit fit for any campus occasion.

How To: The best thing about a trusty pair of black chunky heels is that they literally go with everything. To transition from day to night, swap the crop top for a crisp white button-down. Then replace the tote for a roll up clutch, and add a bold statement necklace for the perfect nighttime look.