ALL IN THE DETAILS: Childhood’s Fashion

I realize I am probably repeating myself by saying again and again that I have been always attracted to these “cool kids” ‘90s vibes, and students from Ryerson University never stop feeding my stylish soul on that point.

In the 1990s I was a child, probably not the most stylish one on the playground, but for sure I was not conscious how this decade’s fashion is the greatest of all. This Fashionista has proved to me that there is still some hope for me. As an adult, I can redeem my fashion choices from childhood.

I love every little thing (beauty is in details) about this Fashionista’s outfit. She is absolutely killing two immortal fashion trends: ‘90s vibes and layers, from tip to toe!

She has carefully chosen every detail of her outfit to make it look unique. Starting with accessories, a baseball cap in a vintage style and a stylish Herschel backpack bring out a touch of playfulness in her look.

Not only does she wear overalls with a one strap down, but she also personalized them by incorporating some super cool badges on them. If that’s not cool enough, she has a perfectly matching striped sweater underneath her overalls.

Of course she could not forget about adidas Superstars, which are some of the most popular shoes of the 1990s era. No surprise, they made such a huge comeback in today’s fashion since they are really comfy, classy and go with everything.

Last fashion tip from my inner cool kid: you are never too old to get inspired by your childhood’s fashion!