ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chic at the Least

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chic at the Least

When I saw this look on campus, I absolutely loved it! This Fashionista is a freshman journalism and mass communications student. Her look was extremely chic and comfortable and instantly gave me life. Upon speaking with this Fashionista, she informed me that she was from Charlotte and often receives inspiration from Kelly Rowland.

This Fashionista was wearing a black halter top, black and white striped palazzo pants, and a burnt orange cardigan. To accentuate this look, the Fashionista added a statement necklace and let her hair down. Also, she purposefully had her pants brimming the ground to add to the laid back look. My favorite piece was her cardigan because of its uniqueness. I also loved the way it complemented her palazzo pants. I spotted this Fashionista as she was on her way to the café for lunch, and I had to catch her on camera!

I normally see this Fashionista completely slaying the campus on the daily, so this was a pretty chill look, considering what she normally wears. I loved her look so much because it shows that you can be cute and comfortable. I love the versatility of all of the pieces that put her look together. She could have very easily dressed any of those pieces up. However, I love that she dressed her pieces down and remained chic.

This look is definitely the perfect look for a typical school day full of classes. This look is both efficient and comfortable. As college students, it is normal to have a hard time with finding the perfect class look. However, this Fashionista hit the nail on the head.