ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cheetah Lovin'

If you’re like me then you understand the love for a monochromatic look. With my closet, consisting of mostly dark colors, I often find it hard to add a pop of color in my outfits. This Fashionista found the perfect way to bring some life into her shaded look.

Cheetah is a fierce pattern to add to any bland outfit. It is a great accent to incorporate some spice in your life. This student paired her cheetah slip-ons with a black cowl neck sweater and sleek black skinny jeans. Her olive coat also brings in some neutral coloring that accents the cheetah shoes nicely. Any shade of green would complement this outfit, like this military jacket from Madewell. Also, the brown in the cheetah pattern pairs well with her subtle ombre highlights and her brown Ray-Bans. Cheetah patterns can make anyone feel fierce and powerful no matter what look they are going for. The slip-ons are a tiny yet mighty detail that ties in every part of this outfit effortlessly.

How To: Another way to incorporate a cheetahlicious look into a daily outfit is a simple cheetah belt such as this one from J.Crew that goes perfectly with an all black outfit. For those who can’t go a day without sporting some cheetah, a phone case, similar to this one also from J.Crew, with a cheetah design is an ideal accessory. Cheetah can be difficult to work with but that just means there’s more room for experimenting! Don’t be afraid to play around with different styles and colors to figure out what works best for your style.