ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is an essential in any closet, both male and female. Not to be confused with denim, chambray is a lighter fabric softer to touch which makes it an ideal material for a top. Chambray has origins dating all the way back to the late 1500s in Cambrai, France, and later became a symbol of the blue-collar working class until it reached iconic status through James Dean’s rebellious image in the 1950s. Ever since then it has resurged in popularity and can be seen everywhere from the runway to the street. Low-maintenance, comfortable and versatile, this staple has some of the best qualities to offer when trying to throw an outfit together.

This Fashionisto keeps it simple by pairing his shirt with a pair of cuffed khaki chinos and low-top white Converse. The bright cerulean shade and the navy paneling on the back of the sleeves makes his outfit stand out and sets it apart from other basic chambray shirts. A sharp-looking watch and classic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses pull the look together and keep it from looking too casual. The chambray shirt is multi-purpose for any occasion from running errands to meeting up with friends for a drink.

Regardless of your personal style, a chambray shirt can always be tailored to  fit the look you’re striving to achieve. Shades, detailing and even fit make it possible to find the perfect one that suits your taste; so many different retailers carry chambray shirts that you’re bound to stumble upon one even when you’re not trying. Chambray is not limited to a season and can be worn year-round. There are endless ways to incorporate it into your closet!

One Simple Change: Layering a cardigan or sweater over the shirt is an easy way to take this outfit from day to night.