ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casually Printing

February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

When you look at the Kardashians and Jenners, you will notice that the way they pair their clothing is very simple. They wear simple blacks and whites and that’s that. If they wear any type of print like flannel perhaps, it is usually paired with a simple pair of jeans and shirt. That’s cool, but why not pair some prints? But, not overboard prints where you look like you’re a zebra walking down the street. I mean casually pairing prints. Casually pairing prints and making it look chic and rad!

This lovely redheaded Fashionista has successfully paired prints and looks radder than rad. Beginning with my favorite accessory, are her cheetah print sunglasses. The reason why I love these so are because the shades are not the usual black. They have a light orange tint to it. Not only does it show off her lovely eyes, but they look awesome against her red hair. The next two prints, I find pretty sweet because they are the same print, but are entirely different. The pants are a purple flannel print and the shirt has dark and light vortex flannel thing going on.

What I find cool about her ensemble is the fact that the prints don’t overwhelm the look. This is because she pairs the flannel shirt with an olive pullover sweater and an olive winter coat. The extra detail much needed is the orange beanie she matches with her hair and sunglasses. To finish it off she sports a pair of brown lace-up oxfords.

I think this Fashionista looks awesome with how she paired her prints. She looks different from the rest of the crowd mimicking the Kardashians.

How To: If you like the way this Fashionista casually paired prints, you can do it too! Why not try a pair of printed sunglasses, with the same print, but on a bag?