ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casual Meets Classy

It’s great to be at two totally different ends of the fashion spectrum, but what if both ends meet? To some people, casual means comfort and classy almost means high fashion. So what’s a Fashionista or, in this case, a Fashionisto supposed to do when casual and vintage are seemingly interchangeable in his style vocabulary? The answer comes in the form of one important detail: collared shirts. It can come in any style, color and print which is perfect for those that are indecisive. Collared shirts are also staple items that can either be dressed down or dressed up!

This Fashionisto is a prime example of someone embracing that casual, but classy, look. He wears a cool, thrifted jacket and dress shoes, but he connects the two items by also wearing a collared shirt underneath. Collared shirts are a great easy fix to a fashion mood crisis. He also completes his ensemble with jeans cuffed at the bottom and a simple timepiece to add on to the classy, but casual, flare. Don’t get me wrong, there are many ways to look high fashion without looking like you tried. Here is a great comfortable jacket that you can wear with jeans and a collared shirt for those who want to be out of the ordinary!

How To: Standing in front of your closet and you don’t know whether to dress down or dress up? Don’t worry! Just pull out your favorite comfy sweater jacket, and embrace dressing in between by also grabbing a collared shirt.