ALL IN THE DETAILS: Caramel-Coated And Backpack Toted

March 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

While rays of sunshine and warmer temperatures remain a distant memory, there is no reason to stay bleak in the chill. It’s easy to opt for neutral/deeper colors this winter (I am a culprit of this myself), but why not add a dash of creamy color to your ensemble instead? Rich, vibrant tones will be your friend this season, and they will help inspire a cheery mood amidst otherwise dreary days.

This Fashionista stands out with her caramel-colored coat and matching Timberlands. A huge hit this season, these boots are a winter staple, proving that functionality doesn’t have to trump style. Her durable cold weather accessories, including a white infinity scarf and maroon beanie, complement the decadent hue of her caramel coat. This Fashionista also completes her outfit with fingerless gloves that are useful for both navigating technology (touch screens sadly don’t respond to gloved fingers) and protecting against the cold, all while showing off her sleek manicure. To carry around all those classroom essentials, she also dons a trendy backpack in bright yellow, complete with silver zipper details. Her laid back ensemble is chic yet casual, lively yet unimposing—it proves the perfect outfit for attending class lectures or enduring long study sessions in the library.

How To: As exemplified on the runways of New York Fashion Week (especially in the ’70s throwbacks), caramel is a quite popular and flattering hue to take on this season. Luscious coats and even billowing blouses have been adopting this rich tone. Try one of these pieces and complete your look with durable winter additions, including thick hats, gloves and scarves. Finally, don’t hurt your back with heavy over the shoulder totes, but opt for a stylish backpack in a bright color.