ALL IN THE DETAILS: Captain Von Pattern

To be honest, patterns and prints frighten me. Don’t get me wrong—I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and fun. Eccentric patterns occasionally appear in my spring dresses, but most of the time I try to stick to my solid colored tank tops and crop tops, plus jeans. It’s slightly monotonous, but the greatest thing of not taking risks is that you don’t have to think, right? What’s better than getting a little more sleep anyway?

Well, this Fashionista proves that a good outfit is actually better than those extra 10 minutes of sleep. Mixing patterns with other patterns can be invigorating. Her outfit not only makes her look smart and refreshed, but also captivates other people. This look is truly a breath of fresh air among all those hoodies and sweatshirts.

This Fashionista sports the perfect look for class or even a first date. The black butterflies on pale pink blouse give off a vintage vibe that’s classy, yet quirky. While the white, blue and red plaid on her shirt balance out the saccharine blouse, the inner checkers match her cardigan. The burgundy goes extremely well with navy blue and dark red. Also, when you’re wearing a long cardigan, it’s smart to wear denim shirts to create aesthetically pleasing proportions. However, we do have to take the inconsistency of Berkeley weather into account. This is why we should copy this Fashionista’s look by choosing boots and tights to go with the rest of the outfit.

How To: Pair a blouse that has a chic print with a plaid shirt. Then, layer a long cardigan, denim shorts and tights accordingly. Finish the look off with a pair of cute boots.