ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cape-able of Anything

Move over Superman, you aren’t the only one who is wearing a cape these days. Say goodbye to your ordinary winter jacket, and put your peacoat back in the closet because there’s a new go-to jacket this season. A cape is a sleeveless jacket that drapes over the shoulders and Olivia Pope from ABC’s show Scandal is known for mastering this look. Capes are unique because they come in many different looks and styles. They have become growingly popular and are a great jacket for winter.

This Fashionista is wearing her cape with a black silky tank top and a white high-waisted skirt. She has paired this look with tights and black studded pumps. She is also wearing simple jewelry with a pop of red lipstick to complete the look. She loves this looks because it is classic and the heels add an edgy flair.

This Fashionista said that Olivia Pope, played by the always fashionable actor Kerry Washington, inspired her to get a cape. She loves it because it strays away from the typical jacket. Her cape is different from most; it has leather lining in the collar and ties in the front. Capes are timeless and hopefully they will be a trend that never ends.

How To: A cape can make you feel classic and stylish while keeping you warm during these chilly winter months. Capes are perfect for winter because they can dress up any outfit. Whether meeting girl friends for drinks, going out to dinner, or attending an event, a cape is a great outer layer.