ALL IN THE DETAILS: Calling All Fur Fanatics

January 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Thinking back to those classic ’50s movies where all the fabulous women wore big fur jackets, I realized I’ve always admired that style. The fur would always make the woman look so classy and sophisticated. I was so excited when I started to notice this trend coming back but with a modern twist. Fur vests are one of my absolute favorite items this season so when I saw this Fashionista rocking an adorable brown vest I had to check her out!

Layering with a vest is an easy and stylish way to complete an outfit. The fur vest breaks up this Fashionista’s black on black outfit very nicely. Although I am obsessed with the brown fur, I’ve seen a bunch of other colors like light pink and cream that would look good on a black (or brown) outfit as well. What I like about this vest is it flares out a little at the top, which gives it a little more width, and in my opinion the puffier the better! The awesome accessories for this outfit didn’t stop at just the vest. This Fashionista had some rad Ray-Ban sunglasses that look good in any season. She also complements the vest with matching boots and a gorgeous gold statement necklace that ties the outfit together perfect.

How To: The fur trend is bold, but when I put on my fur vest I always get a newfound confidence. Try and incorporate some fur into your wardrobe and you’ll see what I mean! Don’t feel like running out and getting a fur vest? A classic fur infinity scarf is great for adding a little spice to your wardrobe as well!