ALL IN THE DETAILS: Calling All Animal Print Lovers!

During this cold winter at Illinois State University, Fashionistas are challenged to pull out their fashion forward looks even when the weather tries its hardest to bring them down. We are faced with either wearing all of the clothes in our closet to stay warm or face the cold while rocking a fashion statement. This Fashionista accepted the challenge and has beaten the dropping temperatures by turning up the heat in her outfit!

I love mixing patterns and dressing slightly unconventional and that is why she caught my attention. I love how casual this Fashionista looks while going to class but still looking fashion forward. She is wearing the latest trend spreading all over campuses, the J.Crew herringbone vest. She pairs the vest with a chambray top and a pair of black leggings for comfort. What stands out most in the outfit are the cheetah printed oxfords. They are the perfect mix into this outfit! Also notice how she accessorizes the outfit with a gold and cheetah print watch and earrings with cheetah print detail.

When wearing any type of animal print it is important to not over do it because you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your Halloween costume. This Fashionista did it perfectly by incorporating small parts of the print into her outfit and making it more of a detail than an overpowering statement.

How To: Love a certain print but you’re scared it might be too much? Don’t fret! Pick your favorite simple dress or romper and pair it with your favorite print. Try wearing the print in a belt, shoes or even in your handbag!