ALL IN THE DETAILS: California Chill

Everyone knows that the first day of classes in a new semester is the best time to make a good impression. Most often this is expressed through what outfit we chose to wear that morning. The major question is what to wear that’s cute but still comfortable and doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

This Fashionista hit that problem right on the head! All of the little details of this California chic outfit contribute to the overall relaxed vibe. While unfortunately we’re not in California, we can still give off that impression.

Acid wash skinny jeans paired with a graphic tee and a comfy cardigan is the perfect first day outfit. What makes this outfit even more ideal is the cardigan has a hood on it and is in a super thick material so it keeps you extra warm walking from class to class. The acid wash skinny jeans give off a chill and edgy ambiance especially when paired with the tribal printed combat boots. The pattern on the side of the boots gives the whole outfit that little something extra that just pulls it all together.

How To: Trying to achieve a similar cute but carefree look? Pair a slouchy cardigan with some acid wash skinny jeans (or some dark wash skinny jeans if acid wash isn’t your style) and a graphic tee or cute tank.  If you want even more comfort try going for some jeggings or printed leggings so you don’t feel so constricted by your jeans all day. Finish off the look with your favorite combat boots or some Converse shoes and you’re ready to go!