ALL IN THE DETAILS: Buttons On Buttons

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Buttons On Buttons

Sometimes putting together a simple outfit can be stressful. You don’t want to try too hard, but you still want to look cute. Often, I struggle with what feels comfortable and what looks cute. Simple details can add character to an outfit and take the simplicity to the next level we are aiming for. It can add something for the eye to look at.

In this outfit, we have the simple details of buttons along the jacket and the blouse itself. The buttons on the blouse add tiny bits of detail to the very simple, loosely fitting shirt. These buttons allow you to style the shirt many different ways such as very structured, if you button every button and maybe tuck it in. It can look a bit more casual if you unbutton one or two from the top. And it can have a completely different summery more casual look if you unbutton a few from the bottom and tie the excess fabric. You really can’t go wrong with a button-up blouse such as this cotton one.

As well as being on the shirt, we also have the buttons incorporated throughout the bomber jacket. A bomber jacket is simple and easy to throw on when you’re walking a short distance to class. The buttons at the very top are perfect additions to the jacket. They can be left untouched, as a visual piece, or they can be buttoned together for warmth.

These two simple pieces are paired with everyday reading glasses, a little twist on the Vans classic shoe and a pair of leggings for comfort. Looking good is even easier than it seems.