ALL IN THE DETAILS: But First, Let Me Make a Statement

As the temperature continues to drop and darker hues take over your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to make a statement! Once we start transitioning to shorter days, we tend to sport neutral colors such as navy, black and beige. Which can get a little drab at times, especially compared to the vibrant colors that were worn just a few months ago. Thus, to take full advantage of this neutral color palette you should accessorize with statement pieces that add a pop to your outfit!

I’m all for wearing neutrals during the later months of the year, but I find myself wanting to revert back to wearing pastels and neons; which wouldn’t really fare well with the current season. However, you can add color to your outfit by incorporating statement accessories or pieces such as jewelry, handbags, hats, scarves, jackets or shoes. By adding a statement piece you are essentially highlighting it, and making it the central focus of your outfit. This is especially benefiting when you have an accessory that you really want to stand out.

This Fashionista is truly showcasing her statement necklace by pairing it with a neutral and monochromatic outfit. The tricolor statement necklace adds a vibrant element to this otherwise subdued outfit. Her monochromatic outfit also allows her to show off the gold chain details on the back of her black, chiffon blouse. She finishes the look by pairing it with a pair of black riding boots, which should be a cold-weather staple in any girl’s wardrobe!

So, if you’re like me and miss the lively outfits of spring and summer, you should definitely consider adding a statement piece to your cold-weather outfits!

How To: It’s very easy to shop for statement necklaces; there are unlimited options and unlimited places where you can go to find one! I like to visit stores such as Charming Charlie or Forever 21 to find my statement necklaces. However, I’m sure you can find one at almost any retailer. To achieve this Fashionista’s look you should pair your statement necklace with a monochromatic outfit, so that your statement necklace actually makes a statement!