ALL IN THE DETAILS: Burnt Orange is the New Black

As the winter months continue, finding fun ways to spice up your look can become difficult. Motivation could be scarce, and throwing on some yoga pants and a sweatshirt might seem more and more appealing every day. However, the power of color can save your look with little to no effort.

This Fashionista does an excellent job of using everyone’s new favorite color: burnt orange. She is wearing ripped jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt, and some cute suede boots but takes her look for simple to show-stopping with a few accessories. First, her vest brightens up her look while keeping her warm. She chose to get this in a bright color, which can be life saving for an outfit.

If you are anything like me, you have plenty of black or neutral colored clothing, and ensembles can begin to feel a little boring. Spicing it up with color is a great way to take the outfit up a notch. This Fashionista is using a plaid blanket scarf to tie everything together. There are hints of burnt orange to match her vest and many other different colors to brighten up her look even more.

The wonderful thing about burnt orange is that it can look good on anybody. Whether you have a darker skin tone or a very pale skin tone, blonde hair or dark hair, man or woman, this color is a complete game changer for all Fashionistas/os everywhere. It works in any season and is all about the right accessories to use it with.