Rainy days can cramp any Fashionista’s style. There’s nothing worse than frizzy hair, wet jeans or squeaky shoes. Rainy mornings also make it 100 times harder to get out of bed and get yourself to class looking like a human being. As comfortable as last night’s pajamas may feel, getting dressed on groggy mornings may help to kickstart the day… with a little help from coffee, of course. Wear something you want to show off! Graphic T-shirts are always a comfortable, yet chic, and a fun way to remind yourself getting out of bed this morning really wasn’t that bad.

This Fashionista’s shirt definitely put a smile on my face. Because, let’s be honest, If you weren’t in class at 11:30, is there anything more you would want then brunch? Graphic T-shirts let you show off a side of you strangers typical wouldn’t see. Were you a Harry Potter fan when you were younger? Do you prefer celebrating Fri-Yay instead of Friday? Or maybe your feeling a little sassy today. No matter what the mood, a graphic T-shirt will never hurt.

She pulled it all together with a pair of Hunter Boots to avoid squeaking down the halls and a comfy sweater to keep warm. Fashionista:1, Rain: 0.

How To: Not comfortable with rocking something so bold? Start somewhere simple! Having all the attention on your T-shirt can sometimes make you feel a little self concious. This Teach For America shirt is a subtle and feel good way to ease into wearing graphic T-shirts. Shout out to all of our classmates studying to be teachers for the next generation!