ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bringing Back Rock 'n' Roll

In seeing this Fashionista’s outfit for the first time, one can’t help but look back two or five times. This outfit is the epitome of “all in the details” as one could find six or seven nuances alone in the entire look.  From the top of her natural shell belted hat to the end of her maxi length crochet skirt, this Fashionista captured the peak of rock n’ roll fashion in the 1970s and brought it to modern day seamlessly. But what about her look takes it over the top?

The first thing that caught my eye was her Grateful Dead T-shirt. Graphic band T-shirts are a staple for anyone who wants to have a little edge in their wardrobe, as they can be paired with nearly anything to create a statement. You can throw them on with a skirt like this Fashionista did to still retain a more feminine appeal, or you can throw them over some destroyed denim boyfriend shorts with a kimono on top to really achieve a more authentic ’70s nostalgia look. This one was notable due to its open back detail which set it apart from most other band T-shirts and made it perfect for the summer season.

Her hat also struck me. Wide-brimmed, wool hats have become a definite crowd pleaser this past year. Like the graphic T-shirt, they can be worn with almost any outfit to give it a little extra pizzazz. What I especially enjoyed about this particular hat was how mindfully it was combined with her look. The shade of gray didn’t take attention away from any of the other pieces and still matched the print of the shirt. The shell belt of the hat nicely played into the cool, natural element of her look by being teamed with the crochet skirt.

However, I then realized while all of these pieces were striking together, the one component of this Fashionista’s outfit that really stood out was the medallion hip belt slung across the top of her crochet maxi skirt. It took the look from one that’s comfortable and easy to wear to class to a truly rocking ensemble that could be worn during the day around town, or even to a nighttime concert or party with friends. This belt took her outfit over the top and it worked so well.

How To: The best way to start off with a hip belt without appearing too flashy or tacky is to wear it over a printed flowy tunic and some skinny jeans. If tunics aren’t your thing, you could also try it with an oversized T-shirt dress paired with a neutral colored hat to achieve the same feminine edge as this Fashionista.