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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bring Your Blanket to Class

Hey, Fashionistas. When the winters are cold, all I want to do is stay cozy in bed and cuddle my fluffy dog, Jordan. Last thing I want to do is get ready and start the car in freezing cold weather. Staying warm is a struggle, but staying warm and wanting to feel cute is an even harder struggle. The best thing to do is layer up and play with the details like scarves and hats, but specifically blanket scarves.

Scarves and hats are life savers in colder climates and keep you feeling toasty. This Fashionista is wearing a really simple over-sized scarf that is able to double as a hood and scarf. She is wearing a really simple outfit, but the scarf adds a little extra interest, edginess and, most importantly, warmth. The scarf also allows protection from falling snow or even those annoyingly cold rain showers with leaving minimal damage to your hair that you worked so hard on that morning.

Blanket scarves can make any outfit scream cozy, but still adding that chic vibe. You can either wear a settle blanket scarf or a bold plaid blanket scarf. Since the blanket scarf is so over-sized, there are so many ways for you to wear it. You can double it as a hood and scarf like this Fashionista or wear it as a poncho draped over your shoulders. You can wrap it around your neck and put your hair into a cute top knot or wear it draped down and belted.  However you decide to wear it, make it your style!

This Fashionista pairs her blanket scarf with an asymmetrical top, leather jacket, light washed boyfriend jeans, and stylish suede booties.

How To: Find the perfect blanket scarf that matches your style and climate. Whether it’s a chunky knit blanket scarf or light printed blanket scarf; make it you! Pair off your look with really basic pieces and let your blanket scarf be the highlight of your outfit.