ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bring On The Booties

When you think of summer footwear, oftentimes your mind will quickly drift to various types of sandals. But we all know sandals aren’t for every outfit. Sometimes you want to add a certain edge to a look, and sandals can just be too sweet. Flip flops are boring, and vulnerable toes are not fit for every occasion. Luckily for all of us, boots have become increasingly acceptable with summer style.

Now, not every type of boot will work with a summery dress or shorts. I’m not saying slide on some furry UGGs and call it a day. However, ankle boots add a certain edge while simultaneously lengthening the look of your legs. Boots also act as a perfect accessory, adding detail or some possible color to a neutral outfit.

This Fashionista showcases the look of substituting booties for open-toed footwear perfectly. Although her look is carefully simple, the ankle boots still don’t weigh the outfit down. The zippers that go along the entire opening add a nice detail to the neutral colored shoe.

Summertime is all about showing skin and cooling off, and adding boots can offer the great visual relief of a hidden ankle from all of the leg exposed in a short dress. So go out and find yourself a pair of boots to rock with your summer style! Your wallet will thank you come fall when you can break them out again for another season’s wardrobe!

How To: Don’t be afraid to add some edge to an outfit with a pair of booties. After all, open-toed boots were created for a reason (summer, duh). For a sweet, sassy look try cowboy boots. Or, if you want to dress it up, add some height with a heeled boot.