ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bright and Blue

Winter fashion is all about neutral colors, warm boots and most importantly, bundling up. While we reserve bright and neon colors for the spring and summer months, that doesn’t mean we have to drain all color out of our everyday outfits in the winter!

There are subtle ways to incorporate pops of color into your winter wardrobe. This Fashionista is wearing a bright, multi-toned blue statement necklace. Jewelry is one easy way to brighten up any outfit. Whether it’s a statement necklace, dangly earrings or a stack of bracelets, you can instantly transform your outfit from dull to fun!

Something else to think about when adding pops of color into your outfits is color contrasting. This Fashionista is wearing a burnt orange oversized shirt so that the bright blue necklace automatically stands out. Of course, if you want something a little simpler, this necklace would also look great with a plain black or gray shirt.

While the statement necklace is the most eye-catching part of the outfit, this Fashionista chose more neutral colors for her other accessories. The muted gold and green colors create a beautiful color scheme that compliment the necklace even more. Although your goal is to add color to your outfit, you don’t want to overdo it. Too many bright colors will automatically make your outfit look more like it belongs in the spring rather than the winter.

How To: Pick a few colorful pieces that you can wear over and over again, whether it be jewelry, shoes or a jacket! While jewelry is the easiest and probably most wallet-friendly way to achieve this look, there are a ton of other alternatives! You can easily accomplish this look with bright rain boots or a red coat.