ALL IN THE DETAILS: Braids and Booties

March 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

Do you ever wake up and have absolutely no idea what to do with your hair, or what you’re going to wear? That’s me just about every day. After the fifth outfit I put on, I usually resort back to the first thing I tried. Thankfully, this Fashionista’s braid and outfit can solve this reoccurring problem!

If you’re afraid of mixing styles together, don’t be. This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect combination between a classic, preppy outfit with her light pink button-down and embroidered shirt, but steers away from the “prep” look with the black, studded booties.

Mixing styles together can be kind of risky for yourself, but don’t be frightened to rock an outfit like this Fashionista’s. Although there is a mix of styles, the details in this outfit are what really create the ensemble.

Instead of settling for the same hair-do every day, wake up 10 minutes earlier to give yourself a crown braid like this Fashionista’s! It’s simple yet creates a whole new look compared to your typical daily-do.

Even though this Fashionista is drawing attention to her hair with the details, every part of her outfit is eye catching. Your eyes follow the embroidery on her shirt, but they don’t stop there! The booties create a perfect sense of balance between all the detail in this Fashionista’s outfit!

How To: In order to master this Fashionista’s look you might have to take a risk for yourself by mixing two different styles. As you can see, these two styles come together to create a perfectly detailed outfit. Start by finding an embroidered blouse (or even just a patterned blouse) and throw on a button-up overtop! You definitely can’t forget the crown braid or the studded booties to complete this look!