ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brace(let) Yourself

As summer gets hotter and hotter, it’s easy to fall into the pattern of just throwing on shorts and a tank top and calling it a day. Trying on different outfits to get the perfect look is impossible when even putting on mascara makes me sweat. But summer is the time to show off your best looks, without heavy coats covering up your fashion masterpiece. So we’re all left stuck between a rock and a hard place or, in this case, a rock and a hot place. How do we look our best without melting under the sun? The answer lies in accessories.

The perfect accessory is an easy way to take an outfit from drab to fab. And, even better, they don’t add to the heat like layers of clothing do. With accessories, shorts and a tank top go from an easy outfit to an ensemble that looks thought-out. Whether it’s a wrist covered in gold bangles or a statement necklace, accessories are the finishing touch.

This Fashionista kept her look classy and casual with dark wash jeans and chunky sandals. A pair of tight, dark jeans is a fashion staple that works year round and by adding a white T-shirt or tank top you have the perfect classic look. This Fashionista’s white tank top keeps things interesting with a subtle pattern and she took her outfit to the next level with accessories. By mixing and matching different metals and materials, this Fashionista’s jewelry is funky and fantastic. Her delicate metal bracelets mix flawlessly with her patterned watchband and beaded bracelet. Her collection of jewelry decoration takes her outfit from classic to fabulous.

How To: Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pair a short necklace with a longer one and mix and match rings so that each hand has it’s own decoration. Play around with your jewelry and see what works well together.