ALL IN THE DETAILS: Borrowed from the Roommate's Closet

One of the best things about having a roommate (besides becoming uber best friends, having a study buddy whenever you need one and mooching off their snack stash) is borrowing from their closet. Whether they have similar style to you, or like things that are completely different, you get a chance to wear something new, without actually having to go out and buy it. It’s like having a second closet! Of course, good roommate etiquette dictates that you should always ask before borrowing something, and then be willing to let them borrow your stuff if they ask.

The reason I’m talking about borrowing roommate stuff is because that’s what this Fashionista did! When I told her I liked her outfit and especially her boots, she replied, “They’re my roommates!” Unfortunately, even with all of the random roommates I’ve had, I’ve never actually been able to borrow something from any of them so I’m super jealous of our Fashionista’s cool second closet.

The Timberland boots she wore were perfect for the weather we’ve been having here in good ole’ Oklahoma because it’s rained quite a bit in the past few days so sandals aren’t always the best option. Plus, when you inevitably wake up late for class, because hellooo summer is for sleeping in, you don’t have to worry about dodging puddles as much in these heavy duty bad boys.

Pairing chunky boots with her jean short and knit top combo also adds an element of unexpectedness which is what attracted me to this Fashionista’s look. It’s fun to keep people on their toes and not always just go with the look you pair together every single day.

How To: How can you match a boots outfit in an unexpected way? Try pairing Timberland-esque boots with cutoffs like our Fashionista did, or even a mini dress to balance out the roughness feel from your footwear.