ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boots That Were Made For Walking

February 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all have that piece of clothing or accessory that we are too afraid to purchase or wear outside of the comfort of our home. For me, it is a pair of cowgirl boots. The last time I owned a pair was at the age of five. They were bright pink with silver stars and could be seen from down the street. To this day, I have wanted another pair but have chickened out every time I come close buying them. My hands start to shake and my mind races in fear that I will look ridiculous, causing me to flee the store disappointed in myself and my fear to try something new. Thankfully, I ran into this Fashionista who would change my mind and show me how bring my city girl style and country girl heart to a cohesive middle ground.

This Fashionista puts all rumors about cowgirl boots not being fashionable to rest. Her patterned sweater paired under a chocolate brown vest adds a sense of warmth to the look. Not only does her sweater accomplish a major winter trend it also compliments her perfectly worn-in boots. Cowgirl boots not only make a statement but they also fulfill the role of keeping your feet comfortable (no wonder they have been around for so long). So many girls today opt for a simple riding or combat boot, but why not try out a boot that is not often seen on your campus? I promise you wont regret it!

How To: Want to rock your cowgirl boots and show them some sunlight? Try pairing them with a cozy sweater or simple blouse. I have found that the simpler your outfit is the more your boots will stand out. Which, in turn, leaves you receiving more compliments. I mean who doesn’t love that?