ALL IN THE DETAILS: Booties and Boyfriends in Winter

We all love our fall essentials this last season, but does that mean we can’t transition them into winter? Absolutely not! Here, Fashionista Alice Cole, a Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design major, shows her excessive love to keep rocking her boyfriend jeans and booties regardless of the winter months.

This Fashionista shows how she transitions the two fall items into winter by just adding winterized clothing items such as a patterned button up, her Zara parka with quilted faux leather sleeves (similar one—here) and a fun backpack purse to tie the look together.

Need a little bit more warmth? Try adding some leggings under your boyfriends jeans or adding an eccentric bold cardigan with a solid scarf. You can also try pairing your boyfriend jeans with a chunky knit and a statement necklace. Why not layer a fun graphic tee with a bomber jacket and a flannel wrapped around the waste? This way you can keep your winter chicness on point.

For those booties, make sure to to protect them with a water resistant spray. They will help you get to where you’re going, while still keeping dry and looking fierce.

This look is so complementary for the winter months because you can dip into your seasonal closest and transition most pieces into year-round essentials.

How To: If you decided to invest in booties and boyfriend jeans this last fall season, no fear; rock them into winter. Layers will be your best friend for this look, and don’t forget to go bold.