ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bootie Patootie

These boots were made for walking….walking all over campus that is.

Booties are all the rage right now. They have replaced their higher-cut counter parts and are perfect for all occasions. Varying in height, cut and style there is a bootie for all occasions and this Fashionista has taken advantage of this awesome trend. These colorful booties caught my eye from across the room. They were the perfect addition to her simple outfit. Adding a colorful pop to her jeans and cow necked sweater, her demur outfit was taken from drab to fab. The boots are cut without a heel making them perfect for campus walking or even weekend wear. They lend themselves to all types of occasions and can be paired with a simple outfit to add a pop or blend perfectly with a more colorful and vibrant outfit. Whatever your style, I think there is room for these cute and colorful boots on your (probably crowded) shoe rack.

Booties come in all shapes and sizes and can be paired with different outfits according to event. Here are some booties perfect for a night out. Their higher heel and open toe lend itself to a sexier outfit and are perfect for a dressier occasion. The lace up adds a bit of rock ‘n’ roll to the mix that could easily be matched with an edgy look.

Here are some booties that could make it through the snow; if you go to a colder weather school. Their extra traction and low heel makes trekking through the snow easy and fashionable. Definitely an attractive alternative to classic snow boots.

Finally, I think this Fashionista’s boots are perfect weekend wear. Good for hanging with friends or hitting the mall. But have no fear and rock your booties in whatever fashion you want!

How To: Just got those new booties and not sure how to rock them for winter? Well have no fear; booties look great with jeans, tights and socks. All things that make these cute shoes right for winter.