ALL IN THE DETAILS: Book Cover Tote Bag

When I first came to Berkeley, I wanted to be an English major. Yes, I’m that girl who stays behind and watches the bags at the beach, because I’d prefer burying my nose in books while getting tanned to actually going into the ocean. I’ve always been self-conscious about my inner nerd, but this Fashionista demonstrates how being nerdy can be fashionable, too.

How does she do it? A book cover tote bag balances your love for books and passion for fashion. Illustrations on book covers are often works of art, and transforming it into a tote bag design is simply ingenious. Celebrities always carry book clutches to show off their good taste and wit, but since we have to carry textbooks around, book cover tote bags are a much more feasible option.

This Fashionista goes around campus with a casual look, highlighted by her Great Gatsby tote. The multicolored illustration reminds us of how beautifully written the novel is, while the classic font gives a vintage edge to her outfit. The military green bag also brings out the blue tone of the book cover design. How this Fashionista wears an earth-toned shirt to complement the bag is also interesting. The pattern’s combination with the solid turtleneck sweater underneath creates a harmony with the book cover tote. She has her Converse and glasses on, giving us a very down-to-earth, yet slightly hipster look. Another detail that’s worth mentioning is the way she rolls her jeans up; instead of showing skin, she wears high socks to cover her ankles. This is a layering technique that we should all try before winter ends.

How To: Pair your book cover tote with the basics—a simple turtleneck and jeans will suffice.