ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bold Jackets and Balenciaga

June 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Leather jackets continue to be a fashion classic but this Fashionista’s jacket adds that extra oomph that catches the eye. Black leather jackets are in season but in this look, the Fashionista perfectly transitions her mustard-colored jacket into the late spring season.

This particular look immediately grabbed my attention for two reasons: the use of a leather jacket in warmer weather and vibrant color contrast with neutrals. Using her mustard jacket as the focal point to her outfit, she emphasis the color by pairing the outfit with vibrant gold jewelry and a neutral suede bootie. These accessories are crucial to the look because by complementing the bold mustard jacket, they make it more wearable. The pairing of a cropped graphic T-shirt and destroyed studded jeans add to the edgy, yet causal vibe of the outfit.

One thing that I love about this look has to be the varied pieces that make up the outfit. Each piece separately has the power to exemplify a different style or vibe. For example, placing a vibrant gold necklace with a busy graphic T-shirt and a jacket could sound very busy. But in this case, the more accessorizing the Fashionista did, the better the look came together. The Fashionista adds lots of edge and attention to the outfit by adding destroyed studded jeans. She completes her look with neutral suede booties to elongate and pull together the ensemble.

This particular Fashionista’s outfit gave me some Balenciaga vibes. This past season, fashion house Balenciaga fall 2016 ready-to-wear runway collection meshed traditional and modern looks. The overwhelming emphasis on outerwear and predominantly primary coloring resembles the Fashionista’s look. The use of mustards and cognac reoccurs in the collection in shoes and handbags. The Fashionista encompasses this in with her suede cognac booties and mustard jacket. Her use of outwear in the warmer season with the right coloring exemplifies the use of outwear in all seasons.

How To: Don’t be afraid to accessorize and get funky with your outfit pairings! Adding accessories to looks that may look clean and complete can actually end up completing your look! Next time you think your outfit looks clean, pristine and perfect, trying adding some funk and edge with creative accessories.