ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bold & Bright Done Right

I’m pretty confident that at one point in your life, you owned at least one graphic T-shirt (if not an entire collection). Most people are guilty of owning this lovely middle school wardrobe essential, often using it as a very literal way to express themselves through fashion; if you can call it that. Don’t get me wrong, graphic T-shirts can be cute if they’re done right, but I’m talking about get-ups consisting of Bermuda shorts and an ill-fitting shirt with a sparkly dog wearing sunglasses on it.

That said, there’s a new and improved way to sport those loud, fun prints that you can’t help but gravitate towards. Choosing one bold accessory to serve as an integral part of an outfit and pairing it with more reserved, traditional pieces can result in a look that represents the perfect balance between unique and trendy, yet still classic and casual.

This Fashionisto decided to style his colorful Pokemon hat with a pair of khakis, Converse, peacoat and sweater all in darker, more neutral hues. To complete his look, this Fashionisto selected a functional backpack with subtle details in largely the same color scheme as the bulk of his outfit that also featured pops of bright colors to tie in those of his hat.

When experimenting with prints and patterns it can be easy to get carried away and create something that is “too much.” Luckily, by following the example of this seasoned Fashionisto, that’s one fashion faux pas that you’ll be able to avoid this semester.

How To: Find an accessory, like a hat, with a bold print that expresses your personality. Then, pair it with some more classic pieces to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast between fun and fashionable.