Winter is coming. That means CHRISTMAS: Christmas movies, Christmas cookies, Christmas music and a whole ton of wonderful. However, it also means cold weather, layers upon layers of jackets, sweaters, scarves and the constant looming prospect of whether classes will be cancelled over an inch of snow (we struggle with snow a lot here in Georgia).

With icy weather in mind, any person would want to simply curl up in sweatpants, stay inside and watch Elf with a mug full of hot chocolate in hand, but not this Fashionista. She brings an element of summer and curiosity to the sometimes dreariness of winter with her bold bohemian jewelry.

This Fashionista chose to dress up a plain top and jeans with several daring accessories. Her chunky wood necklace, draped over her plain white tank, adds a tribal element to her look that brings back thoughts of summer and warmer weather. Also, the pink and bronze vintage bracelet she incorporated into her outfit gives her look a unique element that screams, ‘I’m ready for adventure.’

This Fashionista would easily make a statement in a room full of typical winter-wear of sweaters and scarves. She knows how to keep the summer bohemian spirit alive throughout the entire year.

How To: Do you want to use fashion to beat any winter blues and show off your adventure-loving, free spirit personality? Just take any plain outfit of jeans and a T-shirt and add a statement necklace, chunky bracelets and bold earrings. You’ll be sure to stand out in any crowd.