ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boho with an Edge

March 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Walking around campus I see a lot of different people and styles everyday. Watching students is a fun way to track trends. Living in Florida, I’m used to seeing girls play around with bohemian style but I’ve noticed that more and more girls are putting down the cardigan and picking up a leather jacket. The boho girl with an edge is taking the spotlight. This girl is cool and spunky and likes to switch things up.

Your typical boho girl is cute. She loves long, lightweight cardigans with a little bit of fringe, and wears warm earthy colors. She’s no stranger to a layered necklace and a floppy hat. We all know that girl, we love that girl. But recently there has been a merging of styles in fashion. We see the sporty girls pairing heels with their Ivy Park jerseys and the more feminine girls switching things up with combat boots. People are experimenting and style is evolving. These changes while subtle can take your outfit from basic to trendy. The boho girls aren’t being left behind, they’re trading in their maxi skirts for super distressed denim and swapping out their earth tones for darker ones.

Looking at this Fashionista, we can see that she isn’t afraid to mix things up. She opted for an all-black look, pairing a black velvet tank with a black, fringed kimono, and black ankle booties. In true boho fashion, she threw her hair up in a messy bun and styled it with a velvet headband. She really took her look to the next level with her accessories, pairing a black lace choker with a gold necklace and matching earrings. And lastly she placed a small black heart on her cheek to add a little umph.

This Fashionista didn’t hold back. Fashion is about having fun and experimenting. Wear what you love and don’t let yourself be put in a box.