One style I absolutely love is bohemian or boho. It is such a fun style to play with, espically in the summer! I have recently felt myself gravitating towards many bohemian pieces like  bell sleeve tops, flare jeans and lace details. One of my closest friends has the style down without even trying, and she is constantly inspiring me by what she wears everyday.

There are so many ways to get a bohemian look but something I think is so important are the accessories. Lots and lots of jewelry is great to pair with any outfit, and it is always cool to mix it up and layer so many different and unique pieces together. There are those staple items that might scream boho, but in actuality, the details of the outfit can truly give off the boho vibe even with the most simple of clothing.

This Fashionista keeps it casual by taking these navy shorts with a lovely tear detail and pairs it with a plain white T-shirt with a cutout. This brown bucket bag paired with her beaded sandals make everything pop. For jewelry, she accessorizes a chain necklace and these cute ear jackets along with her own collection of bracelets for an extra touch. She tops it all off with her signature nose ring to pull it all together.

How To: No matter what you decide to choose, remember that boho style is all about the details, so go crazy with the accessories! Layer them up, and remember that clothes don’t have to be all fringe or all floral.