ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boho in the Snow

The sun is shining, the semester is halfway over and spring break is just around the corner—it would be impossible to not feel positive energy during this time of year. The spring equinox—a time for large shifts in life—has passed, symbolizing the ability to change our life at any moment. It’s a perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new jewelry and accessories.

This week’s Fashionista takes one of the most basic college looks and emboldens it with an array of accessories. A cream sweater and blue jeans are in most college closets, but students often opt out of livening them up in the manner she did. The sweater itself has a unique cutout on the shoulders, perfect for the first days of spring. She matched it with ripped blue jeans, giving the outfit a personable and worn-in feel. These quirks combine into a distinctly bohemian vibe without sacrificing the classroom-appropriate nature of the outfit.

The boho vibe is only increased through the fun combination of rings, necklaces and earrings this Fashionista wore. Her ears sport multiple piercings in a variety of shapes and colors. The most interesting in my opinion was the antique ring with the moon-shaped necklace. These pieces completely changed the mood of the outfit, despite their understated design. Other Fashionistas can find similar jewelry at ModCloth and Anthrolpologie.

In addition, the Fashionista wears a large floral scarf, the centerpiece of the outfit. Not only is this the most colorful aspect of the outfit, but it also serves a function: keeping the Fashionista warm. The deep yellow and purple colors, like the other colors incorporated in her look, is very natural and almost neutral. Through her use of interesting accessories, this Fashionista completely transformed a plain sweater and jeans into an eye-catching outfit.

How to: Upgrading the classic classroom look to a trendy bohemian one is much easier than it seems. Add a floral scarf or headband, a stack of personal bracelets or old fashioned rings to instantly give a retro edge to a modern style. Better yet, add all three!