ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bohemian Vibes

Even though it has been sunny out, the Seattle weather has still been a bit chilly. However, we Seattleites don’t let that stop us from accessorizing for spring! This Fashionista knows a thing or two about how to dress weather-appropriate while adding her own individual and unique bohemian flair. This outfit is perfect for a sunny morning walk to class, keeping this Fashionista chic and spring-ready.

When it comes to her look, simplicity is key. She pairs a few basic clothing pieces with accessories that are subtle yet make a bold and fun statement. For example, she layers a basic gray, knit sweater over a longer, printed black tunic. This unexpected detail adds a fun element to an otherwise simple top. It also mimics the look of a skirt, while looking draping beautifully for a free and bohemian vibe.

Nude booties are a must for any season; these booties are the perfect neutral and perfectly tie everything together. I love nude booties for their versatility. They pair well with an outfit like this but would also look perfect with distressed skinny jeans and a leather jacket for an edgy look. They would also look nice with high-waisted shorts and a loose top, as spring and summer roll right around the corner.

Finally, she adds a black wide-brimmed hat. I love the detail on this one! Her accessories are on point, right down to the brightly colored tribal bracelets. Lastly, don’t forget to overlook the simple, silver necklace she wears. It’s a subtle finishing touch.

How To: Pair simple slouchy pieces with fun details like printed tunics and wide-brimmed hats for a bohemian vibe that’s perfect for any season. Nude booties add the perfect twist. Don’t forget to add fun elements like tribal bracelets and an artfully simple statement necklace for the perfect look.