ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bohemian or Nah?

The bohemian look is so trendy right now and is especially perfect for relaxed summer months when you want to look fashionable but also remain comfortable. The essence of the bohemian style is comfort; therefore, this look is perfect for summer, when being comfortable is definitely a priority. This style offers a lot of breathable fabrics that help eliminate excess sweating while still remaining trendy and fashion-forward.

This Fashionista perfected the bohemian look with her earthy kimono paired with a casual brown dress. This kimono is extremely comfortable and breathable but also makes her look a little more put together while still maintaining a relaxed feel. If she plans on continuing this outfit later into the night, she can use this kimono as more of a shawl to keep her warm or simply drape it over her arm if she chooses to just show off her casual sundress.

The browns of her dress and kimono work really well together and offer a soft earthy vibe. Any louder colors may have made this ensemble look a little too bold; however, these soft earthy tones make this Fashionista look totally care free and relaxed.

The tan of her sandals also contrasts nicely with the browns of the Fashionista and continue the earthy feel. The strappy detailing of her shoes also add some more texture to this look.

This Fashionista wears little accessories because her kimono is her main accessory piece. Some subtle jewelry would enhance this outfit, but it isn’t necessary. Her patterned kimono along with her strappy sandals are enough and really enhance her bohemian earthy feel.

How To: Pair a plain dress or romper with a patterned kimono or poncho. Make sure to match your dress to your accessorizing kimono or poncho and work with only a few neutral colors throughout the look to maintain a soft and casual bohemian feel.