ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bohemian Bling Bling

Ever want to get that effortless bohemian look but have no idea how to achieve it with your current wardrobe? You can fake it until you make it by blinging it up!

This Fashionista started with a beautiful patterned top with flowy shorts which you can pull from your closet. If you’re not huge into patterns, you can also sport a solid T-shirt in place of the vibrant shirt that is pictured on our Fashionista. But, she started out her look with a statement shirt that was still subtle, but elevated it by adding a couple blinged out accessories. Around her neck, she’s showing off her gold layered necklaces that have multiple pendants. If you didn’t know already, layered necklaces like hers are huge in the fashion world right now, but aside from that they also add that easy, breezy and beautiful feeling to this ensemble.

The thing that I loved about this Fashionista was she didn’t stop there, but continued to increase the level of boho chic in her outfit moving down to arm candy, a killer handbag and cute sandals. A gold studded bracelet paired with a gold watch, a burgundy handbag that has gold zippers and a pair of gold beaded sandals sounds like a total gold overload right? Wrong!

This Fashionista seamlessly blended all these things together into a look that doesn’t look over done.

How To: Changing up your style but don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe? Go boho! Spice up your current wardrobe by pairing a few blinged out accesssories with an oversized T-shirt and some loose fitting pants. It’s a simple change, but it’ll give you an effortless glow that screams “I’m a bohemian goddess!”