ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blushing Beauty

We’re blushing over the latest trend this season; in case you haven’t been on Pinterest or Instagram lately let me fill you in. Blush is the new “it” color being shown literally everywhere from reflective glasses, dresses and pointed flats girls can’t seem to get enough. Fashion icons like Rosie Huntington and blogger Emily Luciano incorporate this color as a neutral into their daily wardrobe. The color has different shades that vary from a light pink color that has red-violet undertones. It is so popular because it looks great on every skin tone and has the ability to spice up any outfit without over doing it.

It acts as a neutral in your wardrobe and can even be paired alongside nudes. Depending on the shade you buy, it can have more of a pop with richer red undertones or some have a lighter lavender touch. Kylie Jenner has come out with the hottest long-lasting lipsticks that come in a blush color so you can even match your clothing if you please. A cheaper alternative that is making Kylie Jenner have a run for her money is NYX lingerie long-lasting lipsticks that work for a college girl on a budget.

This stunning Fashionista showed us how she incorporates the look from her closet with a trendy blush colored side-zip dress. It is higher on the sides and doubles a tunic perfect for pairing with white jeans and rose gold glasses for that chillier summer days. These lighter shades made her thick chocolate brown hair pop and draw the attention to her strong brows. Makeup is essential when rocking blush tones so don’t skimp on the highlighter or glittery eyes, feel free to get all dolled up.

How To: Now I know you’re dying to get your hands on some blush colored products! Head to Shevoke for some life changing reflective glasses (they are on my birthday wish list) and for all of your two piece shirt/ crop top matching combos look no further than LuLus. Summer is a time to play with styles and reinvent your look so no matter your budget you can all be blushing beauties.