On an average school day when nobody wants to put too much effort into their outfits, details are everything. Often details are overlooked until we see how much they make a difference in transforming a plain outfit into one that stands out. Essentially, this Fashionista is wearing a comfortable T-shirt, a light moto jacket, jeans and boots that are a perfect everyday look for school. However, the details of this outfit sets this Fashionista’s outfit out from the rest in the lecture halls.

The zipper and buckle detailing on the sides add an edgy twist to an otherwise classic denim jacket. What catches the eye instantly about this outfit is the unique periwinkle color of the jacket. While the jacket is more on the purple side of the periwinkle spectrum, the plain shirt underneath the jacket is on the bluer side of periwinkle spectrum. I really love how this Fashionista combined the two periwinkle shades in her clothing pieces and an opal ring with purple and blue shades to perfectly create a monochrome illusion. After seeing how flattering this color is, I instantly wanted to run out and find something in a similar color. Periwinkle is a hard color to find, but it’s definitely a fun color to try out.

This Fashionista is an accessories queen. Aside from the opal ring on her middle finger that complements the colors in her outfit, she wears a more dainty ring on her pinky finger. I love how this Fashionista has three tiers of necklaces: a simple black chocker, a heart shaped key necklace and a longer simple silver chain necklace. Around her body, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a black crossbody bag with zipper detailing to match the zipper detailing of her jacket. C’mon, we all know the more the accessories the better!

On the bottom, this Fashionista is wearing simple black jeans, but she spiced them up by adding a Rolling Stones patch on the back pockets. I love how she did this because it adds a very unique grunge personality to otherwise basic bottoms. Adding patches like this is a cheap way to personalize any clothing piece. Her black knee-high boots with a subtle wedge heel and dual texture also add a diva vibe that pulls the look together.

Accessories are what allow us to let our personalities shine out and differentiate ourselves from the crowd. I hope this look has inspired you to add more twists to your everyday outfits that don’t compromise your comfort, but make you feel more spectacular about who you are.