ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blissfully Bejeweled

March 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Nina Garcia had it right when she said accessories can make or break a look. While I personally believe that winter is the perfect time for piling on the infinite choices of accessories, the biting cold and falling snow can hinder our motivation. For this Fashionista, however, the look is all in the details—rain, sleet, snow or shine. Mixing different colors, styles and textures, she shows us the proper way to do winter.

Hands down, the winner in this look is her nose ring. Most opt for the simple, Kelly Clarkson circa “Breakaway” silver stud, but she dares to sport a bigger, bolder option. As riskier fashion decisions tend to, this one pays off. The thin, barely visible cat eye is just enough minimalistic makeup in the midst of all the other colors and textures she fuses together. The rings and earrings maintain the same colors present in her shirt, but she mixes in a wildcard with her red nails.

If the accessories are the stars of the show, this Fashionista’s shirt is the best supporting actor. Her shirt is what ties it all together and brings some common ground to each facet of the outfit. The blue tights, tan shoes, belt and hints of color in the jewelry are all tones that can be found back in the shirt. The wide cut of the neckline also leaves some breathing room for extra details, in this case her H&M necklace.

“My style is constantly evolving. It’s been described recently as ‘cotton candy princess,’ which I found hilariously accurate. My style can be anything from semi-professional to fanciful depending on my mood. It’s mostly whatever makes me feel the best and most confident in the morning. I definitely believe in dressing to impress!”

How To: Utilizing pieces from Express, Forever 21, H&M, Macy’s, Pitaya and Zumiez, this Fashionista incorporates several different brands to create an eclectic look, rather than the easy “one-stop shop” route. For starters, grab an elegant black skirt with a little see-through action at the bottom, a pair of oxford heels and, of course, a whole lot of bling.