ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blanket Scarves and Happy Hearts

As the weather gets colder in New York City, the painful pangs of last winter revisit everyone’s memory. Last winter, the temperature was 20 degrees or below for a week straight. In March, when the temperature reached 45, everyone broke out the flip flops.

This winter we will not make the same mistakes of being ill prepared for the bitter cold weather. January, February and March call for giant blanket scarves and standout accessories that shine through the four or five layers in which you bundle yourself to brave the cold.

Being positive for the impending winter almost completely falls onto your back–literally. What you wear is a deciding factor in how you feel during the day and with a chilly New York City winter coming, we need all the positive vibes we can get. Start with warm layers like a long sleeve button-up or sweater. Layer it with a vest, fur or another cozy fabric. Then, more than likely, you will have to put on a large down trench coat and cover your entire outfit, which for a style-lover can be a bigger disappointment than your Chem lab partner.

Do not fret! Do what this Fashionista does: throw on a giant blanket scarf over your layers then throw on a pair of ankle boots with cuffed jeans. Blanket scarves are the savior for cold weather. Not only do they make a statement over otherwise boring outerwear, but they also truly keep you warm. Nothing is worse than being too cold or too hot, so toting along a blanket scarf on your saturday excursions will save your from the biting wind one moment and from overheating the next. It is the perfect versatile accessory for cold weather months.  Accessorizing does not have to completely disappear in the winter! This Fashionista also layers a statement watch with several smaller bracelets that have special meaning to her, which adds a lovely personal flair.

Although she has to bundle up for the cold, this Fashionista picks out personal style pieces that are not only what she loves, but what gets noticed and stands out in a large crowd of rain boots and long warm trench coats. And, of course, a bright red backpack never fails to get second looks!

How To: Tying your scarf haphazardly is the best way to get the look! The beauty of blanket scarves is that they look chicest when undone and messy. Take each end of the scarf and throw it over your shoulders and back around your neck. The end result should be a large, fluffy and warm scarf shielding you from the chill of fall and winter!