ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blanket Scarf Love

Winter in Cleveland, Ohio is always brutal. Living in Ohio for my entire life, I know the feeling of when winter is officially here. It starts with the many layers of snow to dropping temperatures, and the wind smacking your face red can make you want to just stay in bed all day and skip class. You might admit that you’ve stayed up praying every night that your classes will be cancelled. But before you give up on the day and login to Netflix with a box of cookies and a blanket (maybe even a snuggle) wrapped around you, try to bundle up with some key items.

This Fashionista is all bundled up and ready to embrace the cold wind of Ohio with a plaid blanket scarf wrapped around her neck along with a white vest, jeans and some cute black booties. She even added a simple silver watch, to make sure she isn’t running late, completing the look. She keeps her outfit simple and very neutral so her cute, warm blanket scarf can steal the show! Blanket scarves are the easiest (and warmest) option for when you want to stay warm while walking across campus.

How To: Do you think blanket scarves are just too much around your neck? You don’t always have to wrap it tightly around your neck, instead just drape it over your shoulders and loosely swing it over one side. You can still rock the look this way!