ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blanket Scarves That Warm The Soul

It is finally that time of year again! The leaves are falling, which means it’s time for boots, leg warmers, hats and most importantly, scarves! This Fashionista is sporting my favorite type of scarf: the blanket scarf. The immense size of this scarf allows this Fashionista to have warmth, versatility and, of course, style. Without this scarf, this Fashionista would still have a casual and cute outfit, but it certainly would not stand out in the way it does with this scarf.

Not only are blanket scarves adorable, they are also affordable. This Fashionista purchased her scarf on Amazon for under $10 dollars. To bring out the colors in the scarf, this Fashionista wore a T-shirt in one of the colors found in the scarf, but it would look great with any neutral color too. To complete this fall look, this Fashionista is wearing wedged booties and a structured handbag.

If you don’t like the bulkiness of the scarf when it is styled in this way, don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways you can wear it. Aside from the way she is wearing it now, this Fashionista told me that she likes to wear her blanket scarf like a poncho with a leather belt to keep it in place. Other easy ways to style this scarf is with a classic slip knot or simply untied around the neck.

How To: Spice up any simple outfit with a patterned blanket scarf. There are numerous ways to style a blanket scarf, so find your favorite way and pair it with a solid T-shirt in one of the colors from the scarf to make the look cohesive. Keep all your other items solid to avoid taking away from the pattern of the scarf!