ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black, White and a Little Spice

March 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Even when campus is littered with trend upon trend, the basics will forever be there for you to fall back on. From neutral browns, greens and tans, to deep blacks, it is easy to base your look around something simple.

I found this adorable Fashionista just outside of her dorm on one of Wilmington’s nicest days this semester, showing a little bit of skin. However, it’s easy to find a happy medium in the season change with accessories and layers. With chic aviators and a neat neutral belt, our Fashionista keeps simple interesting! Though you may be ready to break out a new dress or an old favorite skirt the second the sun appears, make sure to account for chilly classrooms and windy afternoons on this unpredictable campus. With a cardigan, like this Fashionista wears, or a light jacket, you can prepare for those professors who have never heard of a thermostat.

Our Fashionista shows that you can fully embrace the ease of blacks, browns and the likes while wearing neutral colors. However, a pop of color can never steer you wrong. Whether it be lipstick, a bag, a belt or shoes, something bright can steal the spotlight in a huge lecture hall or on a crowded campus.

How To: Don’t be afraid of mixing neutrals! Though you may strictly be a brown patterned girl, pairing neutrals with each other can create a relaxed, easy look that goes with nearly everything. Spring is on its’ way: don’t lose hope! But try to hold out by rocking a dress or skirt in the meantime. Throw on some boots and a cardigan, Fashionistas.